Disaster Preparedness

The importance of preparing ourselves for disasters is universal. Emergencies can happen anywhere - at home or at work - and everyone must take action to prepare for emergencies in case something unexpected happens.

However, the truth is there's no one-size-fits-all solution to being prepared. However, we have outlined some best practices and tips along with some links to helpful sites.
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A disaster supply kit,or go bag is a col

Have an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Make sure you have enough water, food and medications for yourself and your service animal (if you have one) to last at least three days. Think about other items you may need as well - extra eyeglasses, batteries for hearing aids, medical supplies, etc.  

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Fresh Water is Life

Access to clean water is vital to survival during a prolonged crisis or disaster. Below is a link to a great water purification bucket system that won't break the bank.

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Get Organized

Go to Ready.gov to start planning your strategy to deal with the challenges that a disaster or major crisis brings.